A Team Committed
to Exceeding
Your Expectations


  • Shah Aryana

    Principal, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Founder
  • Giampaolo Parigi, PH.D

    Principal, President of International Capital Markets
  • Jaime A. Diaz-Fonseca

    Principal, Real Estate Broker
  • Jerry Conklin

    Principal, COO of Restaurant Dev. & Ops.
  • Robert Habeeb

    Principal, President of Hospitality and Full Service Restaurants
  • Jennifer Williams

    Principal • Hospitality Procurement
  • Mark Johnson

    Principal, SVP of Real Estate Development
  • Ernie Abarro

    Principal, SVP of Asset Management
  • P. Wayne Little, II - Esq.

    Advisor, Legal Counsel
  • Roman M. Whittaker, Esq.

    Outside General Counsel
  • Hamilton Pinto Jr.

    Advisor, Technology Consultant
  • Bill McKinney

    Principal • Advisor
  • Jerome I. Steinman, Ph.D.

    Principal • Strategy • Advisor
  • Steve Day

    Principal, Advisor
  • Jeffrey S. Klein

  • Mark Klein

    Principal, Accountant, Controller
  • Tony Moayed

    CEO of Construction Division

Our Experience

Major brands are what we know. We operate, reposition, and repurpose. Extracting greater free cashflow from operational innovation and human resource management frees cashflow and room for further growth.